0 theater active speaker configuration

I am far from a fever, just want to watch movies in their homes when the sound can get a little better. My family's living room about 20 square meters, the distance from the TV to the sofa is 3.8 meters now use HD player to see the movie. Think with a good pair of powered speakers relatively little to enhance the look effect. Since the family has completed renovation, do not want the big move, so it will not consider 5.1, etc., will not be wiring up behind the sofa. Also I mainly want with active speakers, so eliminating the need for local power amplifier. Now I mainly watch the Swans. I think the following three speakers to choose from, but undecided, jars, experts hope to give pointers about, if you have any better suggestions and hope you let me know. I am very grateful to my usual here to see the many different types of films, basically all types have to see, in addition to horror films, mainly my imagination too rich. Therefore, we give a better look at that suggestion some of the above, the three price is not a problem. Also hope you do not hit 2.0 How how bad, after all, everyone has the right sound for demand. Because electrical shop on Taobao vast amount and quality of each speaker and the price

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